Crafting songs with big synths and bigger melodies, Chvrches combine their indie roots with their love of chart-friendly pop. The mix of Lauren Mayberry’s crystalline, emotive vocals and the sweeping synths of Iain Cook and Martin Doherty on 2013’s bittersweet yet anthemic debut album The Bones of What You Believe bridged the gap between the classic synth pop of Depeche Mode and New Order and the brash, EDM-influenced sounds of the early 2010s, influencing countless contemporaries along the way. Later, Chvrches brought an extra sheen to their music without sacrificing any of its depth. They went all in on their pop leanings on 2018’s Love Is Dead, where their collaborators ranged from pop producer Greg Kurstin to the National’s Matt Berninger. On 2021’s Screen Violence — the group’s fourth U.K. Top Ten album — Chvrches sharpened the edges and hooks of their songs and reaffirmed their place as synth pop standard-bearers.

Based In: Glasgow, UK
BAND MEMBERS Lauren Mayberry
Iain Cook
Martin Doherty
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