Silvana Estrada

Silvana Estrada sings from down deep, telling her soulful coming-of-age stories in a voice that embraces the legacy of Latin American song and carries it into the 21st Century.

Silvana has already been hailed as “one of Mexico’s greatest young talents and vocalists” by KCRW’s José Galvan. She has performed and recorded with artists including Natalia Lafourcade, who like Silvana, grew up outside Veracruz as well as Uruguayan singer/songwriter Jorge Drexler and Chile’s Mon Laferte.


A multi-instrumentalist, Silvana most often plays the Venezuelan cuatro guitar, whose small body and warm sound suits her hands and syncs with the rolling variations of her vocals. Raised singing Mexican son jarocho and baroque choir music, and schooled in jazz, she is an iconoclast who dismisses musical trends for a personal, poetic style that goes straight to the heart of listeners.  “My music is made of who I am,” she says.

Based In: Mexico City, MX
BAND MEMBERS Silvana Estrada
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