HOLYCHILD Releases New Single “Carmelo” With Accompanying Music Video

HOLYCHILD premieres their newest single “Carmelo with its accompanying music video. “Carmelo” is another neon-pink phosphorescent single off HOLYCHILD’s highly anticipated sophomore album. The unapologetic pop-duo (self-coined as brat-pop) consistently reclaim the term “bubble gum pop,” transforming the once musical slur, into an aesthetic that artists now emulate. “Sonically, HOLYCHILD’s music bounces off the walls. Lyrically, they want to tear walls down,” SPIN Magazine remarked about their debut 2015 album. The new single “Carmelo,” is no exception. The tracks’ bouncy synths, metallic drums and frontwoman Liz Nistico’s candy-sweet multi-tracked vocals are the perfect trifecta for the duo’s surefire pop recipe. “Brat Pop,” Nistico says, “is a rebellion against these constructs that we’ve made against ourselves,” and “Carmelo” is yet another notch in her rebellious belt.