IDER Shows Vulnerability in New Single “Mirror”

UK pop duo IDER have released “Mirror”, their newest single of 2018. Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville’s voices meld together harmoniously as they sing about heartbreak and self reflection. “It’s unsurprisingly difficult to describe IDER’s sound by genre. “We just want people to feel powerful, warm, in touch with themselves and thought-provoked. We want to make a lasting impression when people listen to us or see us.” Now busy readying songs for their first record, mainly writing in their London bedroom then recording at the studio, IDER say they are “delving deeper” and that “a lot of stuff has been channelled recently. We write very personally, so it’s always coming from the perspective of two young women living in London in their twenties, trying to figure life out,” Megan laughs. Lily adds that the songs they’ve been recording for their debut album are “even more honest and raw – there’s no more beating around it – we just say what we want to say.”