Jade Bird Shares Music Video for “Love Has All Been Done Before”

Jade Bird has just released her music video for the powerhouse single “Love Has All Been Done Before.” Directed by Kate Moross, the video features Jade in her signature teal jumpsuit jamming out with bandmates: Luke Prosser (guitar), Linus Fenton (bass) and Kapil Trivedi (drums). In the video, the camera pans through a small nondescript house that’s generously decorated with a vintage wallpaper and colorful rugs as Jade belts her fiery vocals and Luke gently strums his acoustic guitar. The house is the perfect match for “Love Has All Been Done Before.” It feels familiar— Like a house we’ve all been to before. However in reality, we never actually have. And just like the house in the video, “Love Has All Been Done Before” is familiar, but still undeniably fresh.