Listen to “Let Go” – the Newest Release from James Hersey

Singer/songwriter James Hersey’s new song “Let Go” is out now! The collaboration with producer Filous, created a calming and heartfelt track. It begins with minimal instrumentation, allowing the vocals to shine through. Then, it steadily builds up to James’ declaration of “Let Go” in the chorus. This chill song is sure to captivate the audience, no matter how stressful life is at the moment. James sings beautifully, “She told me boy you’re the only one. Holding yourself back from what you want. Pick up the pieces you fell in to. And put back together the boy I knew. ‘Cuz we don’t know your feelings. We can only guess. But we seen the way you feeling. So we’d like to suggest… that you let go.” 

James is currently on his European tour in with Metric, so be sure to see them at a city near you!