Flo Morrissey

The music of preternaturally talented neo-folk singer Flo Morrissey recalls the hazy heyday of Laurel Canyon in the ’60s but also the freak folk revival of the 2000s, which is when she first discovered this sound as a child in London. Music was around her house — her father was a fan of  — and Morrissey gravitated toward it. She began writing songs when she was 14, uploaded originals to MySpace over the next few years and, when she turned 17, left school to pursue music full-time. She signed with  — label head Daniel Glass viewed a video of hers on YouTube and saw potential — and recorded her debut, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, in Los Angeles with producer (as fate would have it, he’d previously produced ). Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful came out on in the summer of 2015. In 2017, Morrissey paired up with Gentlewoman, Ruby Man, a collection of covers. 

Based In: London, UK
BAND MEMBERS Flo Morrissey
WEBSITE tumblr.com
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