Hamilton Leithauser

"It occurred to me after 2016's I Had A Dream That You Were Mine that the best years of Hamilton Leithauser's career may still be ahead of him." – AV Club

As a solo artist, Hamilton Leithauser takes the elements that made his band the Walkmen so special — literate songwriting, a nostalgic but not navel-gazing sound, and a voice that sounds equally natural whether crooning or wailing — in more personal directions. On 2014’s Black Hours, he updated the torchy sounds of ’50s and ’60s vocal pop; with 2016’s “I Had a Dream That You Were Mine”, he fused vintage rock and soul and 21st century indie in otherworldly ways; and on 2020’s The Loves of Your Life, he animated his memoirist songwriting with vibrant, urgent music.

Based In: Brooklyn, NY
BAND MEMBERS Hamilton Leithauser
WEBSITE tumblr.com
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