Listen to AURORA’s New Magical Single “Forgotten Love”

AURORA’s powerful new single “Forgotten Love” follows the release of “Queendom.” Speaking on the track herself, AURORA says, “‘Forgotten Love’ is an individual song – which I really like about it. I think people can find many different personal meanings in it, as is its mission. For me it’s about how I felt sorry for every day I forgot to grieve for someone I lost. After the years went by I suddenly woke up realizing I hadn’t even been sad for months. I’ve just lived. Like he would want me to and in that moment, I didn’t feel guilt. I didn’t feel heavy or sorrowful. Just relieved. And it was quite beautiful. Being able to forget.” AURORA truly sings from the heart in this track. Sarah McManus from Don’t Bore Us said, “‘Forgotten Love’ is a swirling, electrifying masterpiece.” 


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