Bedouine Releases Sophomore Album ‘Bird Songs Of A Killjoy’

Bedouine has released her sophomore album, Bird Songs Of A Killjoy! The soulful songs are a soundtrack to Spring blossom, to warm air on skin, to the concept of possibility. Singer-songwriter Azniv Korkejian’s natural growth – both musically and personally – on her second record has been influenced by her own wanderlust, displacement, and curiosity. Her folk is nomadic, wandering across time and space on songs like “Dizzy” and “Matters of the Heart” as they meander from folk balladry into danceable jams.

Speaking on the record’s creation and namesake, Azniv describes the common perception of herself as a curmudgeon and a depressive. “… I’m the killjoy… Dare I say –a difficult women,” she continues, laughing. “I’m taking ownership of that stereotype, proudly.” That self confidence and pride has paid off for Azniv, with her debut record being lauded by Pitchfork, NPR and the FADER.

In tandem with the release of Bird Songs of A Killjoy, Bedoiune will be going on tour in August – see dates here!

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