Hamilton Leithauser Releases New Single and Lyric Video for “Here They Come”

After long anticipation for new music, Hamilton Leithauser has freshly released a single titled “Here They Come.” The track combines a soft guitar and silky-vocals that culminate to a loud and passionate chorus-  Leithauser speaks on the inspiration behind the track, which is about a friend who “when the going gets tough, just tends to cut and run.” The lyric video was released alongside a cheeky short where Leithauser walks around New York discussing the new song before he presents his creation to friend and Oscar-nominated actor Ethan Hawke, with a surprise twist at the end. The track follows his 2017 single with Angel Olsen “Heartstruck” and his 2016 album ‘I Had A Dream That You Were Mine’ with Rostam. Be sure to watch the short here and check out the lyric video!

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