HOLYCHILD Releases Single, “Raining Romance”

HOLYCHILD is back with a new single, Raining Romance! The American Indie pop duo released the single on October 25, 2019. This is their fifth single that has been released, in anticipation for their soon to be released album The Theatrical Death of Julie Delicious, on November 8, 2019. With their genre being described as “brat pop”, this song definitely brings out their techno side. Throughout the song, we hear the lyrics “It’s all a raining romance with you,” which leads me to believe that the song is based on a relationship that seems to be one sided. This song brings a fresh feel to a love song, the techno vibe gives the song an upbeat background, while still making the lyrics known. Compared to past singles, this one seems to tie in more EDM, which brings in a new audience to this captivating song. 

The new album, “The Theatrical Death of Julie Delicious”, is currently available for preorder!

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