IDER Release A Cooler Than Cool Video For “You Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby”

In IDER’s new video for “You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby,” the UK electro-pop duo are free from the bondage of their cell phones and get to do what most young people don’t anymore– disconnect from the world, spend time with a close friend and just hang out.

“We loved the idea of the contradiction of stylized imagery and a sense of otherworldly glamour against the scruffy London backdrop and mundane activities. It kind of mirrors the feelings of irony in the song, wishing you could live your life the way you think your future self would want you to – carefree, nonchalant, and not giving a fuck – when in reality we are all anxious and confused and not sure what to do with ourselves,” IDER’s Megan Marwick and Lily Somerville explain. And while the the video for “You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby” makes us nostalgic for summer, it also gets us excited to for IDER’s debut full length album they are currently working on.


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