Jade Bird Releases Single and Video For “Uh Huh”

At only a mere 20 years old, Jade Bird is a force to be reckoned with. In her newest single,“Uh Huh,” Jade reveals her voice’s more ferocious side; a voice which can seamlessly slide from sweet to sour in a moment’s notice. Written by Jade in just one day, and produced by David Barron and Simone Felice, “Uh Huh” is a raw, dazzling and infectious rock tune. “The Brit is cementing her presence and reputation, ensuring a top spot in our hearts and on charts with her raw, fiery new single,” says Atwood Magazine. In the single’s music video, Jade is the only star. As Jade performs “Uh Huh,” she is backed only by colorful projections of herself, proving that Jade Bird doesn’t need any ostentatious fluff; Jade’s lone presence is more than enough to knock your socks off. Jade is currently working on her debut album and will soon set out on her headlining tour in the US and the UK. Don’t miss your chance to catch her live!


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