James Hersey Releases New Single and Lyric Video with ELI, “Hands On Me”

Following the release of his latest EP “Innerverse” earlier this year, James Hersey is back with ELI on his newest single “Hands On Me,” released November 15, 2019. With this new track, the Berlin based artists were able to craft a lyrically captivating and catchy tune that provides listeners with an anthem for support and understanding. The lyrics hold a vulnerability to them that allows listeners to easily connect with the song, and feel the emotions that Hersey and ELI are recalling. While staying true to Hersey’s romantic lyricism that flows recognizably throughout his music, it’s also backed with a refreshing beat that makes the single unbelievably appealing. This collaboration succeeds in creating a new pop based track with body and warmth that is sure to make you feel the good in the bad times.

Available for streaming, it’s release is also paired with a raw lyric video that is able to capture the vibe of the song and visually feed it to listeners. Be sure to check it out here.

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