Mumford & Sons Release Highly-Anticipated Single, Blind Leading The Blind

Mumford & Sons released an exciting new single on Wednesday, October 23rd, called “Blind Leading the Blind”. Back in September of this year, Mumford & Sons won the John Steinbeck Award, which is awarded to recipients who shed light on important issues in the world through their art. The song’s lyrics emphasize listening to, understanding, and respecting those around you in a world in which many choose to do otherwise. The British folk-rock band writes with honestly and depth, and the new single certainly speaks candidly to listeners.

The song has been a work in progress for the men since the crafting of their previous album, Delta, released in 2018. “Blind Leading the Blind” was not completed in time to come out on Delta because the men needed time to make it exactly what they envisioned. The song begins with smooth vocals and a kicking guitar. When the lyrics of the chorus begin, the instruments quiet and the vocals are the main focus, with instrumentation coming back at the end of the chorus. However, as the song progresses, the instruments are used with the vocals to create a fantastic and emotional build. The new single shows Mumford & Sons excellent ability to craft a song that showcases both their message and their amazing musicianship

“Blind Leading the Blind” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here!

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