New Album from Half Moon Run, A Blemish In The Great Light

Half Moon Run released another full-length album called “A Blemish In The Great Light” on November 1, 2019. The album, their first since 2015, features ten tracks of excellent instrumentals and beautiful harmonies. Singles that have come off the album so far include “Then Again”, “Flesh and Blood” and most recently, “Favourite Boy” and the album stays true to the band’s ‘dance test’. Every song on the album is easy to bop along to, and has been put to the ‘dance test’ by the Canadian group’s drummer/multi-instrumentalist Dylan Phillips and his girlfriend.

This album is highly anticipated after the band’s four-year break from music, with their most recent single, “Favourite Boy”, already racking up 350,000 streams on Spotify in the two weeks that it’s been out.

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