New Hamilton Leithauser Album “The Loves Of Your Life” Released!

“The Loves of Your Life” was released today by Hamilton Leithauser, his first album since 2016, when he collaborated with Rostam. The deeply personal album was recorded in his own studio, The Struggle Hut, and each song is a vignette into the singer’s life. In describing the record, Leithauser states that “it’s about a group of people-11 real people- in the New York City area. They are strangers I’ve met, and people I’ve known. I admire all of them.”  “The Loves of Your Life” is filled with personal mementos and adoration to those in Leithauser’s life, including his daughters on the album.  The album comes at a perfect time to promote positivity, love, and the large impact that strangers, friends, family, and lovers, have on you. Listen here now

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