Taylor Janzen Releases Single, “What I Do”

Canadian songwriter Taylor Janzen has released her newest single, “What I Do.” The song features a pop-inspired beat with a catchy chorus, but the lyrics tell a different story. The Winnipeg artist holds nothing back in this brutally honest track, reflecting on her self-sabotaging behaviors in her relationship. The lyrics showcase Janzen’s struggle with realizing her issues were affecting someone else and not knowing how to change. Cue the line, “that’s just what I do.”

It’s an incredibly vulnerable single, where the genre-bending artist bares her soul with listeners, as she did with her previous EPs “Shouting Matches” and “Interpersonal.” It’s this type of authenticity that continues to draw Taylor Janzen’s listeners in.

“What I Do” is out now and available on all streaming platforms. Check it out here!


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