Tor Miller Releases New Single and Video “Take Me Home (I’m Ready)”

Singer-songwriter Tor Miller has released a new single, “Take Me Home (I’m Ready).” This anthemic tune tells of Miller’s growing impatience with partying; Miller emphasizes that he has had enough of late nights drinking and going out, and wishes that someone would simply “take him home” to peace and quiet. The song brilliantly showcases Miller’s vocal range and husky voice, as he hits high and low notes effortlessly to create a both dynamic and relatable new song. 

Accompanying the single release is a music video for “Take Me Home (I’m Ready).” The video depicts various vibrant and exciting scenes of Miller out late with friends, although interspersed with shots of Miller alone, wishing he could be away from it all. The video serves as an accurate visual representation of Miller’s emotive verses. 

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