Tor Miller Releases Two New Singles: “Surviving The Suburbs” + “Sunday Scaries”

Singer/songwriter Tor Miller has released two new singles, “Surviving The Suburbs” and “Sunday Scaries.” “What I’m trying to accomplish with this music is to feel better,” Miller notes. “I want to feel happy with where I am… But I think this record is trying to find that peace within yourself to move on and just feel stronger, whatever the case may be.” Starting off as a piano ballad, “Surviving The Suburbs” quickly builds and transforms into an indie rock anthem. “We can’t get out” Miller howls in his sultry voice over roaring guitars during the song’s chorus. And the more gentler of the two,“Sunday Scaries,” is just as potent. Both singles leave us wanting more than taste of what’s to come on Tor Miller’s upcoming sophomore album Surviving The Suburbs, which is due out on September 21st. Make sure to catch Tor Miller on his current tour.


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