Two Door Cinema Club’s Long-Awaited New Album ‘False Alarm’ is Here!

Two Door Cinema Club’s long awaited fourth album, False Alarm, is finally here! False Alarm finds the three piece gloriously unshackled and creatively at the peak of their game. Across its ten tracks ‘False Alarm’ wryly scans and satirises the social and environmental woes of 2019 through the prism of wonderfully off-kilter pop, simultaneously borrowing from and warping elements of future pop, disco, rock, funk and soul.

When asked about lead single “Talk”, a funky and upbeat pop song about the desire to connect with one another, singer Alex Trimble said, “I love the pop thing. I love experimenting and going to different places, I love doing things that are a little bit wonky and I love the idea of doing something we haven’t done before.” Continuing that theme of connectedness, follow single “Satellite” is an infectious Krautpop-influenced slice of future pop that accepts as a species we’re “in it together” – be it Brexit, climate change or any other man-made modern day terror.

Elsewhere on False Alarm, ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’, ‘Nice To See You’ and ‘Once’ address our relationships with the dopamine dispenser that is social media through cheery New Romantic style funk, moody Bowie-esque art-pop and grandiose synth-pop respectively. Punk funk channeling anthem ‘Dirty Air’ has Alex prowling a ruined city’s dancefloors, posing through the ecological collapse. It all makes for a wide-eyed, culture-encompassing leap forward for the band, a record liable to break, ruin and remould pop in 2019.

To accompany the release of their new album, Two Door Cinema Club will be playing numerous summer festivals and a headlining US tour in the fall, see dates here!

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