William Prince’s Moving New Single and Nashville Session, “Always Have What We Had”

William Prince has released his second heartfelt single, “Always Have What We Had” off of his upcoming album. With this new single, the JUNO Award-winning artist once again soothes listeners with his warm voice and carefully crafted lyrics. The touching lyricism and homey sound on this track stems from a reflection from Prince’s own life, and a bit of  inspiration pulled from the great Johnny Cash’s “Flesh and Blood.” Easy on the ears, “Always Have What We Had” joins Prince’s collection of poetic guitar-strumming tracks that allow listeners to tap into their nostalgic side.

With this new single also comes a deep and honest Nashville Session. Prince opens up about his own personal experiences rooted in the meaning of the moving song as a part of this raw sit-down performance.

Be sure to look out for William Prince’s upcoming album “Reliever” dropping February 7, 2020 for more soulfully crafted tracks like this one.

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