William Prince’s “Reliever” is Finally Here!

After much anticipation, William Prince’s second full length album Reliever is finally here! The new release features his two latest soulful singles, “The Spark” and “Always Have What We Had,” along with nine other carefully crafted tracks. The album’s title track, “Reliever” sets the tone for the album as a whole, as it captures the rawness and honesty of Prince’s music. Reliever explores Prince’s journey of finding solace through song, addressing themes like family, love, and letting go. It finds a way to connect with listeners on a deeper level through vivid storytelling and a variety of sounds. From soothing guitar strums to more upbeat tempos, Prince knows how to keep his distinct sound engaging and lyrics powerful. This second album proves just how strong Prince’s ability to evoke emotions in listeners truly is.

Now available for streaming on all platforms, you can check out William Prince’s masterful new album here!

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